Olive Safari offers gorilla tracking and safari to a number of different national parks, primarily in the west and south-west of Uganda. The safaris can be tailormade to suite your needs or choosen from one of the safaris we are presenting in this website.

Olive Safari started operating in 2004as a compliment to our other business, and although it has remained like that, our safari venture has since grown and we are now having a steady stream of customers, mainly from European countries and the United States but other countries are also represented.

Gorilla tracking attracts thousands of visitors to Uganda every year. So many are they, that the tracking permits sometimes may have to be booked way in advance. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park has a number of gorilla families that may be tracked.

Safari with game-drives, hiking and boat-launch in Uganda, with its great biodiversity of animals and birds in addition to its almost evergreen and varied landscape, is usually very special. The relative short distance between the parks lika Murchison Falls -, Queen Elisabeth- and Lake Mburo National Park makes it possible to visit them on a tour of relitively short time span.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is a private, non-profit, animal sanctuary in Uganda that holds the only wild rhino in the country with a steadily growing population. Visiting the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary givs you the opportunity to see the Big5.

Chimpanzee tracking is a fantastic experience where you will meet your closest relative in the animal kingdom. The chimpanzee can be seen in a number of places but Kibaale National Park is the best and our prime choice.

Shoebill is best viewed in the Mabamba Wetlands east of Entebbe. It is a suitable place to visit for more than one reason, one being that it is only a short detour from the usual safari circuit out of Entebbe and the other, that it can be reached through a beutiful boat-tour across the bay from Entebbe.

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